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  • Silver Pkg – For the artist working on their mixtape/demo

  • Gold Pkg - Higher quality sound than an MP3, but won't break the bank

  • Platinum Pkg – For the artist/production team who wants the maximum capability to break down the beat, adjust instrument levels, and control the mix in post production.  Individual instrument tracks included.

  • Exclusive Pkg – Upgrade your Silver, Gold, or Platinum package for unlimited distribution copies, audio streams, video streams, and more!  This package is best for the indie label or artist that is ready to make moves! 

For more info, click "License Terms" in our store above

In the event that you publish a song utilizing one of our beats, publishing royalties must be negotiated prior to registration with your performing rights organization.  All beats are published with ASCAP by Prettykid Publishing L.L.C.

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